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For the Week of February 8th

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From Mrs. Younce


The students got a chance to review their Unit 4 math assessments today. They are fixing their flaws and then I will do the second round of correcting. After that they will come home so that you can see them. As far as what we are working on we have learned the components of the metric system and reviewed time. Tomorrow we will start work on the U.S. Customary System, which is lesson 5.4 for those of you keeping track at home.

Social Studies

We are working on a digital Washington map right now in preparation for our paper mache Washington Map. Be looking for more information about this fun, hands-on project.

From Mrs. Johnson

Reading/Writing: We have begun our informational writing unit. For the next couple of weeks, our reading and writing block will overlap considerably as we do research about Mr. St. Helens in preparation for writing informational books on the eruption of 1980. In addition to taking notes while reading texts and watching videos, students will be planning how to organize their book – what sections to create and what type of writing structure to use for each section. Students are welcome to do research at home and bring in notes if they’d like. They should remember to bring information about which sources they used for the information, so these sources can be cited in their book.

Home-School Connection

We’re watching a video series about how students can develop a growth mindset! Watch it below or at:, and ask your child these questions tonight.

1. What part of the brain did you learn about today?

2. What did you do today to make connections between your neurons?

3. What is one big challenge you've faced that has helped grow your brain? What’s a new challenge you want to tackle now?

Big Ideas for the classroom: Growth Mindset - Episode 4/5

Valentine's Day Parties

On Friday, February 12th, our classes will not switch. Instead we will have our Valentine's party after lunch that day from 1:15-2:00.

Upcoming Events

February 12- Valentine's Party 1:15-2:00

February 13 - Missoula Children's Theater Performance

February 15-19 - No School - Mid-Winter Break

February 27 - Lifting Literacy event @ MV Library

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