NYIT School Counseling Courses

UFT Teacher Center-Summer 2013

EDCO- 680-U27 Counseling and Cultural Competence in a Global Society

Counselor cultural competency is essential to successfully meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population in the American educational system. Through a mixed methods approach of cultural immersion, readings, class activities, participation in cultural organizations, and forums with cultural and educational leaders, candidates will plan and strategize methods by which school counselors recognize cultural differences, acquire strategies to collaborate with families, and equalize educational experiences for every student within a school setting. Candidates will experience engagement with different cultural groups and seek to broaden their world view and global perspective through these interactions. Candidates will develop contemporary socio-cultural viewpoints on student achievement and educational equity and access. Course topics will address cultural differences and counseling theory, ethnicity and race, learning ability and disability, gender influences, immigration and assimilation, student educational aspirations and the influence of school counselor leadership and collaboration. Dr. Carol Dahir

July 15 12 noon to 8 pm - UFT 12-4pm; NYIT AOB 5-8pm

July 16 9 am-4:30 pm - off site

July 17 9 am-4:30 pm - off site

July 18 9 am-4:30 pm - off site

July 19 9 am-4:30 pm - off site 9am-12noon, campus 2-6m

EDCO 725-U27 School Violence Prevention

Candidates will explore the issues of student behavior that results in violent and aggressive actions. The development of violent tendencies is examined, including the medical/biological, psychological and social theories of aggression and violence. Particular focus is placed on understanding the risk factors of aggression and violence within regular, special education and inclusion classrooms. Candidates explore the current approaches to intervention with at-risk students, and discuss prevention strategies that can be implemented in regular, special education and inclusion classes in order to minimize the risk of violence. The legal issues involved are presented to help candidates understand the role of school personnel in minimizing risk to students and staff, and also intervening with those students in regular, special education and inclusion classes who are at-risk for violent and aggressive behavior. As part of the curriculum, each participant will develop a Crisis Intervention and Prevention Plan as a potential model that can be implemented within a school district/building. Dr. Carol Dahir

Class meeting dates at the UFT
July 22 9 am-4:30pm
July 23 9 am-4:30pm
July 24 9 am-4:30pm
July 25 9 am-4:30pm
July 26 9 am-4:30pm

Play Therapy I and II - EDCO 820 & EDCO 821 NYIT MA Campus ONLY

Dr. Michelle Perepiczka NYIT MA

Play Therapy I

This course provides an introduction to play therapy including history, child centered theory, play materials and basic skills. An experiential component will focus on initially developing basic play therapy skills within the context of an ethical and diversity-sensitive practice.

Prerequisite: Registrants must be a certified school counselor, be enrolled in a master’s counseling program and have completed a foundational course in counseling Theory or hold a master’s in either school counseling, mental health counseling, social work, or psychology.

5/22-June 16 Online with these exceptions:
5/22 In Class 5pm-8pm
May 28-June 7 In Class 5pm-8pm

Play Therapy II

Candidates will explore advanced play therapy theories and empirically supported approaches to working with children, which builds off of the basic skills candidates have already obtained. Candidates will have hands-on experience with the variety of advanced play therapy theories and techniques addressed in class.

Prerequisite: EDCO 820 Play Therapy I.

June 17-July 7 Online with these exceptions:
In Class 5pm-8pm