ESL Notes from Mike Bowden

Preparing for Back To School August 2016

Maximum Gain for Your ELL Students

Where Do I Start?

Dissect the data - computerized and old-fashioned, analog, paper "permanent folders."

What's the BIG Picture?

Plan for the end in mind, as UBD goes.

What's the end for your ELL?

Reclassification if possible. Demonstrated by one or more year's academic and linguistic growth.

How Do We Get There?

Let's look at the relationship of the components:

Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System - TELPAS, measures linguistic growth in March.

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills - TEKS, guides daily instruction.

English Language Proficiency Standards - ELPS, a subset of TEKS specifically addressing the needs of the ELL student.

Plan with the TEKS, be certain to address ELPS in the plans and your students will be prepared for TELPAS.

Talking to CHECK for Understanding versus Talking to CREATE Understanding

Real Benefit From Twitter!

There is an EXCELLENT chart that explains the types of classroom talk on Twitter.

There are 3 ways to find it:

1) I retweeted it; it should be in my feed

2) @Alex_Corbitt also retweeted it & that's where I got connected to it

3) @BobProbst is an author though I haven't gone back that far to explore

What is Your Point?

It is worth the Twitter seek-n-find to locate and capture this chart.

Review it periodically to ensure you are working to the best advantage for your ELLs.

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