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Volume 5, Issue 4

May, 2021

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Saying Goodbye to Peters

by Meeral Salha, 5th Grade

In a week I will be going to sixth grade. I will miss this school so much.

I came here in second grade and didn't know much English. But I remember one girl who would always try to talk to me and help me get used to the place. I remember when she asked me what my name was and I just replied with "no." I didn't understand her. She recognized that I didn't understand and still wanted to be my friend. She was really nice and even helped me learn some English.

By third grade, we formed a really big friend group. English wasn't a problem for me anymore. Third grade was was the year we were finally considered as the older age group.

In fourth grade, I was in the same class as my friend group. We would always hang out and eat together. I didn't get to finish my fourth grade year because of Covid. I was really upset, but I did get an extra long summer.

In fifth grade, I got a lot of great opportunities to be responsible and learn more things, such as newspaper editor, GATE, Accelerated Math, and Book Club. I am still really great friends with many of the kids I met in second grade.

That is why I will miss this school so much -- because of all the memories I made here with all my friends.

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My Time At Peters

by A'isha Goodell, 5th Grade

I have made a lot of memories in these past years. It’s going to be really sad whenever I have to leave this school.

Mrs. Hillhouse was my favorite teacher because she would always make us laugh and is very kind. I made a lot of friends that year. In first grade I joined the Chess Club taught by Mr. and Mrs. Yeats. I have been in Chess Club from first through fourth grades, though sadly they stopped doing Chess Club this year due to Covid.

In second grade, we went to the Gathering Place for our class field trip. I remember being the first kids to test the equipment.

In fourth grade, I liked going to Woolaroc as our field trip. We had lunch in a cool nature gazebo. I also won an award at the respect assembly that year.

Fifth grade has been the second best year for me because I got a lot of opportunities to be responsible, such as Co-Editor-In-Chief, GATE, Book Club, Safety Patrol, TV Crew, and Accelerated Math. I also won an award at the responsibility assembly.

I will miss Peters Elementary. I look forward to visiting next year.

Union Seniors Return to Peters

by Zoe Sanders, 5th Grade

The senior walk is where graduates from all over the Union district come back to the elementary school they grew up in to walk the halls. But due to precautions for the Coronavirus, they walked the track this year. Peters students created posters in art class for the graduates.

Before the graduates got to the school, all Peters classes walked outside to line up with their posters on the track. Once the graduates got to the school, they all walked around the track while the elementary students held up their posters and cheered for them. The seniors then went onto the basketball court to announce their plans for college.

Most seniors said their favorite memory was the carnival. Many also said they missed the playground.

Seniors Chandler Montgomery and Anna Hemm said they remembered playing Nukem in P.E. Nukem is a game similar to volleyball.

Senior Warisha Choudhary said that one of her favorite memories was the fifth grade field trip to Rogers County and getting stuck in the mud.

Union Class of 2021: Senior Anna Hemm

by Meeral Salha, A'isha Goodell, and Zoe Sanders, 5th Grade

Anna Hemm, a senior at Union High School and former Peters student, recently received several awards for academics and band. Anna was named an Academic All-State Scholar, which is an honor given to only 100 seniors in the state of Oklahoma. She is graduating as a salutatorian and a distinguished graduate. She also made the All-State band as a flute player.

Anna attended Peters in fourth and fifth grades. She was involved in many activities, including academic team and the student newspaper.

“Anna is somewhat of a legend at Peters,” said Mr. Bowen, who was Anna’s fifth grade teacher. “She was very quiet in fifth grade but had such a unique sense of humor. My classes have heard several small moment stories about her over the years.”

Anna took band class as a sixth grader and quickly became good at playing the flute. She made the All-District band every year starting in seventh grade. In high school, Anna has participated in the marching, concert, and jazz bands. She plays both flute and piano.

“I like how (band) is a community of people,” she said. “Marching band takes so much time, so you are with each other through all the highs and lows. You get really close to each other.”

Anna’s advice to fifth graders getting ready to move on to middle school is to get involved and make friends with people who have the same goals.

“Join something – band, a sport,” Anna said. “I do recommend advanced classes… You get a lot done and learn a lot.”

She will attend Oklahoma State University in the fall, and will major in accounting.

Union Class of 2021: Senior Evan Brown

by Noah Blacet and Isaiah Franco-Portillo, 4th Grade

Evan Brown is a senior at Union High School and a former Peters Panther. Evan recently was named a salutatorian, which is an award earned by the top 2% of graduating seniors. He also was named a National Merit Finalist earlier this year.

Evan went to Peters from 2007-2014, from pre-K through fifth grade.

“I most remember the schoolwide chess matches,” he said. “I liked playing against the entire school.”

Evan took pre-engineering classes in middle school and then in eighth grade joined a robotics team. He said his team’s first robot took about one month to build and another month to program.

“It was pretty much just a square with wheels and a stick with cardboard,” he said. Still, this robot made the finals of the state competition.

Evan’s team is called “The Bazinga Project” which builds and programs robots for the FIRST FTC Robotics Competition. He is a programmer for his team.

Evan says to keep things simple in robotics.

“Something too complicated makes the whole design more and more difficult to actually create.”

Evan recommends pre-engineering and math classes for students who are interested in robotics.

He plans to attend John Brown University and major in computer science and cyber security.

3rd-5th Graders Take State Tests

by Lilly Heinemann and Dionne Adams, 3rd Grade

Third through fifth grades is took state tests in April. Third, fourth, and fifth graders take English/language arts and math tests. Fifth grade also takes science and writing tests. All students in third through fifth grades have to take the state test, it’s the law. Virtual students came to Peters and take the test.

State testing is different from the CRT test because the state test is only given to Union students who live in the Union district . The state test is given to all students in Oklahoma.

This is third graders' first year to take the state test and fourth graders' too because they did not get to take the state test last year.

“I feel scared and confident,” said third grader Janeth Tellez Espinozo, explaining how the state test make her feel.

“The state test makes me feel excited but nervous ,” said third grader Kyan Yamamnaka.

Students begin preparing in September each year. Teachers create lesson plans that include the following subjects: sciences, math and language arts. Teachers also teach skills like math skills, writing skills and other skills to prepare for the state test. Students also take a practice state test online.

Results for the state test will come out in August, 2021.

GATE Celebrates Earth Day

by Aniston Helms and Isaiah Franco-Portillo, 4th Grade

GATE classes in first through fifth grades helped brighten up the solarium on April 21 in celebration of Earth Day. Students planted flowers and pulled weeds. Some of the newly planted flowers are petunias, marigolds, and zinnias.

Retired GATE teacher Mrs. Harding has spent hours volunteering in the solarium this spring. She has worked with students to care for plants, pull weeds, and clean the pond.

Mrs. Harding was very appreciative that some of the students helped pull weeds because it is a lot of work to do it alone. She said she can't spray herbicide because it will get in the pond.

"We are going to fight weeds with flowers," she said.

Second grader Grace McGowen said she enjoyed spending time in the solarium.

"I like being outside and seeing the fish," she said.

Meet Music Teacher Mrs. Strong

by McKenzie Martin and Bella Holt, 4th Grade

Mrs. Strong is the music teacher at Peters. She has taught music at Peters for two years and also six years in Texas. She went to college at Oklahoma State University and Northeastern State University.

Mrs. Strong said she became a teacher because she loves music and teaching young kids. Her favorite thing to teach is music from different cultures.

"Music is universal and we can connect to people and their cultures through music," she said.

In her free time, she does crafting with her Cricut machine, knitting, and taking walks outside.

First grader Claire Adams said the she likes singing because it is fun.

Her sister, third grader Dionne Adams, said she likes learning about new instruments in music.

Meet Coach Snider

by Noah Blacet and Eliah Molé, 4th Grade

Coach Snider is the P.E. teacher for Peters Elementary. He has been at Peters for two years. Coach Snider has also worked at the Union 6th and 7th Grade Center as a P.E. teacher and at the high school as a health teacher.

Coach Snider is also a track and football coach. He coaches high school track and is the safeties coach for the high school football team. He goes from Peters to the high school after school every day to coach.

He went to elementary school at McAuliffe and graduated from Union. He went to college at the University of Tulsa. He said he became a P.E. teacher because his dad was a P.E. teacher, so he wanted to become one too.

Coach Snider said he thinks of games for P.E. by rotating sports skills and making them fun.

Third grader Keira Wilson said, "I like fire and ice tag because I like to run."

"I like bean bag dodgeball," said second grader Colton Barnes.

Coach Snider said his favorite sport is football. In his free time, he likes to play games with his kids outside.

Reflections Winners Announced

by Gianna Bresciano, 4th Grade

On May 17, the winners of this year's reflections contest were announced. Reflections is something that gives kids the opportunity to express their artistic abilities.

This year, kids reflected on the theme "I matter because..." There were 11 entries in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

Winners are:

Literature (primary): 1st place - Teagan Baker (1st grade), 2nd place - Titus Vang (1st grade)

Photography (primary): 1st place - Jaxon Hinkle (2nd grade)

Dance Choreography (intermediate): 1st place - Caydence Morrison (4th grade)

Film Production (intermediate): 1st place - Eliah Molé (4th grade)

Visual Arts (primary): 1st place - Wren Jacobs (kindergarten), 2nd place - Logan Heinemann (kindergarten)

Visual Arts (intermediate): 1st place - Abbi Hinkle (4th grade), 2nd place - Lillian Heinemann (3rd grade), 3rd place - Laila Smith (4th grade), 4th place - Emmalyn Bruner (3rd grade)

Fourth grader Caydence Morrison chose to do dance choreography to the song "This is Me."

"It just kind of fit with the theme," she said.

Fourth grader Abbi Hinkle entered a drawing of a woman holding a sign that said "Women's Lives Matter."

"I think it's a good way to express yourself," she said.

Students Raise Money for Peters Through Jog-A-Thon

by Caydence Morrison, 4th Grade

On Thursday, May 20, Peters students participated in a Jog-A-Thon. Due to the weather, students ran laps in the gym during their specials. Every five laps was equal to one lap around track outside.

The Jog-A-Thon is an annual fundraiser for our school. Students asked adults to sponsor them by donating money for every lap they ran. Ms. Dana said the money will go to buying equipment for the gym and playground, and for teacher supplies.

PTA and specials teachers helped keep track of how many laps students ran. Here are the winners for the Jog-A-Thon:

1st place - Mrs. James' class, $793

2nd place - Mrs. Stoops' class, $688

3rd place - Mrs. Harwood's class, $650

PTA's goal was to raise $7,000, and the Jog-A-Thon raised $7,829.27 from all classes combined. Mrs. James' class will get a pizza party for raising the most money. Classes that raised $500 get a popcorn party and those that raised $250 get a pajama party. Students also will get individual prizes based on the amount of money they raised.

2nd Grader Participates in Judo Youth Nationals

by Brooklyn McHenry and Ellison Beeman, 3rd Grade

Second grader Scarlett Harwood recently competed in the Judo Youth National Championships. The tournament was in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 23. She competed with both boys and girls.

Judo is a type of martial arts. In Japanese, judo means gentle ways. Judo is different from karate because in judo you don't kick or punch. In judo, you throw people to the ground.

"It's simple if you listen," Scarlett said. "I like holds and throws."

She started judo when she was six and so far has finished two years. Scarlett's dad did judo in college and he found a dojo that he liked and introduced Scarlett to judo. A dojo is a place where you practice judo.

Scarlett currently is a yellow belt. She has gone to a bunch of little competitions in nearby states to get ready for big competitions like nationals.

"I think she is good at her craft," her mom, third grade teacher Mrs. Harwood said. "I love her being in judo. It teaches patience, critical thinking, and communication skills."

Scarlett practices every Monday and Wednesday for an hour. She said she doesn't get hurt, but that isn't true for her mom.

"I get hurt a lot when we practice (together)," Mrs. Harwood said.

Meet 2nd Grade Wrestler Makenzi Estrada

by Kenzie Kupp and Boston Radcliffe, 3rd Grade

Second grader Makenzi Estrada participates in a sport that is uncommon for girls -- wrestling.

Makenzi began wrestling when she was just three years old. Her older brother wrestles and her parents asked her if she wanted to also try wrestling.

"It was different," Makenzi said. "I was hurting at first but then I sat down and felt better."

Makenzie said she likes to wrestle "to get stronger and tougher." She practices for two hours after school Monday through Thursday and competes in matches nearly every week. She has won many medals during competitions.

According to Makenzi, wrestling is about staying in your stance, concentrating, and doing your best. There is no slapping, punching or fighting in wrestling.

Makenzi said she likes to wrestle her brother for fun.

"We always torture each other," she said.

2021-2022 Paw Prints Editor-in-Chief Named

by A'isha Goodell and Meeral Salha, 5th Grade

Fourth grader Gianna Bresciano has been named the Paw Prints Editor-in-Chief for the 2021-2022 school year.

Gianna completed an application that included an essay about why she would be a good editor. Current Co-Editors-in-Chief A'isha Goodell and Meeral Salha interviewed Gianna and chose her as the next editor.

"It's an awesome opportunity for me to be able to be Editor-in-Chief," Gianna said. "I also think it will allow me to improve my writing skills by being able to inform other students about what is going on in the school."

Gianna's first task was to choose an assistant editor. She selected fourth grader Bella Holt.

"I am so thankful that Gianna chose me to be her assistant," Bella said. "I can't wait to help in any way that I possibly can."

The next issue of Paw Prints will be published in September.

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

by Eliah Molé, 4th Grade

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling is the second book out of my favorite series, Harry Potter. If you like mystery books, then this book is for you, but you must read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone first. In this book you learn a lot of information about Voldemort (He Who Must Not Be Named). I really like this one because it is scary, but not too scary.

When Harry returns to school for his second year, he hears some mysterious voices saying, "Kill. I smell blood. Kill." The voices lead Harry to some writing on the wall that says, "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened." Harry's friends say he is hearing things, but Harry is certain it is not his imagination. Meanwhile, living things (and one ghost) are being mysteriously petrified. Will Harry and his friends be able to save Hogwarts from dying? Read the story to find out.

Book Review: Abduction!

by Bella Holt, 4th Grade

Abduction! by Peg Kehret is the story of sixth grader Bonnie and her brother Matt, which is in kindergarten. Matt gets kidnapped by his biological father at the end of the school day. Bonnie blames herself for all the times she wished she had not have a brother. Bonnie will stop at nothing to find her brother.

I love this book because of all the mystery and suspense. I like that it often switches perspectives between Bonnie and Matt. There are also two climaxes in the story. Just when you think that the problems is solved, another problem occurs. I hope if you read this book you will love it as much as I do.

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