Wuthering Heights

Chapter 21


It's three years later and Cathy are bird hunting in the moors. Cathy sees Heathcliff and goes to speak to him. Heathcliff allows her to Wuthering Heights to see his son -Linton- who Cathy hasn't seen since Linton left for Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff reveals his plan to have Cathy and Linton to fall in love and get married. Cathy tells Edgar that she was at Wuthering Heights and he was upset by it telling her she can't have any contact with Linton. Nelly finds out that Linton and Cathy are sending each other letters and burns them.


"My design is as honest as possible. I'll inform you of it's whole scope, that the two cousins may fall in love, and get married."

-Heathcliff pg. 221


1.How does Heathcliff treat his son as opposed to Hareton?

2. Why does Heathcliff want to marry off Cathy to Linton?

3. What does Heathcliff truly feel for Hareton? What does he see him as?

4. Is there any similarities between how Hareton is treated to how Heathcliff used to be treated?

5. How has Linton changed since leaving Thrushcross Grange?