The Tundra

By: Emily Epstein 6th period, Humphries


The Tundra is a frozen wasteland. Plants that live there survive in soil called permafrost. Some plants that use premafrost to get through the harsh weather are Linchens and Moss. Animals can live in the Tundra too, such as Lemmings, Caribou, and Artic Hares. Some more biotic organisms that live in the Tundra are trees, such as Willows and Birches.


Humans help the Tundra by picking up trash and blocking areas for certain flowers and plants. Humans also help by finding different reasources than oil. People harm the Tundra by building roads and mines. They also harm the land by building new towns and weaken the environment from pollution.

Interesting Fact

The word Tundra comes from the Finnish word Tunturia which means treeless land.
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