Reiki Classes

Level I & Level II

Reiki Level I Class

July 28, 2013, 9am to 5pm - $150.00

In the Reiki Level I class you will learn Reiki techniques for healing yourself and others. Prior to the class, you will receive your Reiki manual and instruction on how to prepare yourself for the class. During this class you will receive both your healing attunement and the Reiki Level I attunement. You will also receive your first Reiki symbol. Throughout the class, we will be smudging, meditating, journaling, and discussing the power of crystals, chakras, colors, and foods.

Reiki Level II Class

August 25th, 9am to 5pm - $150.00

In this class we will be smudging, meditating, journaling. all to prepare us for the Reiki Level II attunements. You will have a healing attunement and also be attuned to the mental-emotional symbol and the distant symbol. You will also learn and practice more of the Japanese Reiki techniques. We will be working towards doing more intuitive healing.

Classes Close To You!

Both classes will take place in Merrillville, Indiana at Sophia's Vitamins & More. Conveniently located off of Route 30, Sophia's Vitamins & More is located at 8101 Polo Club Drive.

Special Note:

Please bring any items that you might want to be attuned with you to the reiki class. As for refreshments, we provide water, veggies, fruits, nuts, chips, and hummus. You are also welcome to bring a lunch or go out to lunch.

Meet Your Instructor

Doris Giles

Inspired by her desire to discover true happiness and self-understanding...Doris began her journey with Reiki in 1999 and was attuned to Reiki in 2001 by her teacher Gloria Franklin Piette of the Therapeutic Resource Center. For five years she did an intensive study with Gloria which lead to her studying with William Rand from the International Center For Reiki. It was with him that she was attuned to the master level of Karuna Reiki. In 2005, Doris established her own Reiki practice, and quickly became a well known practitioner in Northwest Indiana.

"Positive energy can heal the universe..." – Anonymous