Sophia Friesen


A Little About Myself

My name is Sophia Friesen, I am 12 years old and my birth day is on July 21 2002. My favorite thing to do is swim in lakes and rivers. My favorite band is Green Day and Sleeping With Sirens there a tie. You can see I dye my hair a lot it was blue before as you can see but now its an auburn color a red and brown kind of color.
Season 4 Criminal Minds Blooper Reel

Bloopers from Criminal Minds

I chose this video because criminal minds is my favourite show also Reed makes really funny faces :)
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Cole & Bethany

This is my brother Cole and his girlfriend Bethany <3
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This is me at my grade 6 fair well last year

Top 5 Favorite Thigs

1. Green Day

2. music

3. swimming

4. drawing

5. dying my hair

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my family at my great aunts 93 birthday party

Top 10 favorite Bands

1. Green Day

2. Sleeping With Sirens

3. Zac Brown Band

4. My Chemical Romance

5. Prince The Veil

6. Skipknot

7. The Road Hammers

8. Nickelback

9. American Athours

10. Linkin Park

Kenny Chesney - American Kids

American Kids By Kenny Chesney

love Kenny Chesney best song ever

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Sleeping With Sirens

This is a picture of Sleeping With Sirens
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My Favorite Qoute

This is my favorite quote because if you make a mistake today you can always fix it tomorrow.
Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can't Hang (Official Music Video)

Sleeping With Sirens

This is one of Sleeping With Sirens older songs
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This is my father David
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this sis my dog Annie