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Week 4: Sept. 3-7

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This Week...


Monday, Sept. 3: NO SCHOOL-LABOR DAY

Tuesday, Sept. 4: K MAP

Wednesday, Sept. 5: K MAP

Thursday, Sept. 6:

Friday, Sept. 7: 1st/2nd MAP and 4/5/6 Curriculum Alignment

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, Sept. 4th: Deleta Geaslin


  • Shout out to Brandi and Tracy for using their points to help get a class set of Ghost Track #1 for our WIN book study! -Brooke Davis
  • Shout out to Mrs. Baird for a motivating Splash Bash!--Claire Brown
  • Shout out to Mrs. Jones for taking my kids for an hour when she didn't have to!-Claire Brown
  • Shout Out to Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Sturdivant! Greg and Robert! Silma and Lucia! Matt and Shannon! It takes a village to host a Splash Party! The kids loved it and we got some great pics for the yearbook LOL!--Alison Baird
  • Shout out to Officer Reeves, Coach Koerdt, and Dr. Jackye Underwood for their quick thinking and assistance with Evan!!!--Yvonne
  • Shout out to David Reeves for his quick response and quick thinking that saved Evan--Tara Williams
  • Shout out to everyone else (I don't know everyone who was and don't want to leave anyone out) involved in helping with the whole situation (taking the rest of the team outside, providing assistance wherever needed, etc).--Tara Williams
  • Shout out to the middle school team for always being there for each other and always being willing to help out when/where needed.--Tara Williams
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"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn" --Benjamin Franklin
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