multiple personality diorder

presented by hayden holbrook

definition-a disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states.


  • causes are unknown at the time, but 1 percent of the population is effected by DID
  • people effected by DID often become suicidal or turn to alcholhol and drug abuse
  • delusions, flashbacks, change in personality, memory loss, confusion, are just a few symptoms


  • younger kids have the ability to dissociate, and therefore kids abused use this as a defense mechanism
  • there have not been studies to find treatments for this dissorder
  • hypnosis is used to help treat people with DID
  • a theropist will attempt to make contact with the persons multiple personality to find a solution


  • psycologists beleive there are instences of demon possesion
  • william james uncovered a similar phenomenom and called the condition dissociation
  • MPD is a relatively popular diagnosis with 20,000 cases recorded between 1980 and 1990.


  • causes are unknown and treatments have not been reaserched as of now
  • even though causes are unknown 1% of the worlds population is effected by DID
  • it is belived that identity dissorder is caused by some sort of physical or sexual abuse
  • kids will use this as a defense mechanism when scarred
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