my personal story project

by: hunter sanderson

the advice i will give you will help if you are getting bullyed

the main advice i would give anybody that is facing a bullying problem is to stand up for yourself because if you voice is heard it will make the bully realize that you are a person too and that you deserve the same respect every body else does.

what was my experience? this is my story... i hope you like it!

There are lots of things that I've had to face in my life time; I would like to talk about bullying. I have been bullied all my life, and to tell you the truth, the only way to stop it is by standing up for yourself.

One time I had another student call me names and would always tell me what to do……and to tell you the truth I was pretty much the most vulnerable person to be bullied because I never stood up for myself and this happened for years and years……and finally I decided to take a stand. Once I stood up for myself, they realized I do care and i want it to stop, and that I have feelings too. Well they left me alone for the rest of the week and then they kept on at it, and every time I tried to get help, they would always act like they did nothing wrong. Then when the teacher left the room they kept on at it…. Until I couldn't take it anymore so I told the teacher about it…..they got in trouble and before you know it they were calling me a snitch. Well, that’s not snitching, that is called standing up for myself, and pretty soon that wore me down too, so I had to go to a doctor just to get medication so I wouldn't feel so sad with myself. But… they also realized at this point I didn't care what they say so they stopped, and when they did say something I always took care of it, once again by taking a stand. Once I tried telling them off with a threat…..that’s never the answer, I learned that the hard way. Well I hope this advice may help if you are getting bullied!

has this been tested?

well, personally this works most of the time and unless its a really bad case it should work. a really bad case is when about half the people in your class are bullying you; you may want to get a teacher at that point...

things that probably aren't a good idea to do when you are being bullyed

well, if there is anything i would say not to do in a time like that it would be.......

  • never threaten the me it wont turn out very good for either of you. for one, some one could get hurt and two, both of you will most likely get in trouble
  • don't hate the person that is bullying you. the main reason bullying happens in the first place is the fact that the bully has issues of his/her own. i would try and help that person and be a friend, not an enemy.
  • last but not least... most of the time you cant do theses kind of things on your own. get support from a friend or teacher, save your self the aggravation of nobody knowing what is happening except you.

did you know?

  • 77% of students attending high school are being verbally bullied
  • 80% of students attending high school are being cyber bullied

i do not like the numbers i see here, if people stand up for themselves i can almost guarantee these numbers will go down!