Malala Yousafzia


Reasons for being an Activist

When she was young girls could not go to school.Shes an Activist to have education rights.

Important events

Malala won the noble peace prize on October 10.Malala impressed TV with her soft spoken ideas for peace.From age 11 Malala fought a rule by the Taliban banning education for girls.


She was in the hospital after being shot in the head.

early life

Malala was born in July 12 1997 in Mingora,in the swat valley of Pakistan.When she was young at night all she heard was gun fires.


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Malala became a symbol of hope in Pakistan.Malala got a Education bill of 10 million dollars for an Education fund in Yousafzais honor.Malala won the noble peace prize on October 10th 2014.Malala was the youngest nominee for the noble peace prize.