Life Before the Constitution

An Enslaved African Americain

Oh lucky me, I get to be a slave to a Virginia plantation with my family, where all day long I work and work. My family tried to make the best out of a bad situation but we all knew that our owner could sell one of us in a snap if he desired. Even where everyone is supposedly "free" , if your skin isn't the same peachy tone of the white people you could be forced to go though torture day and right of labor. We slaves can now buy or escape from our plantations with the help of our supporters who run something called the "underground rail road, but even if we did somehow leave we would be at an even worse point than being a slave due to us needing to start from scratch with no money or food. But I heard a document is being drafted that can have the potential to save us slaves, so I hope it can help my family!

Waging Workers (Shoemaker)

After fighting for months and somehow not taking a bullet to the head, I can't believe the wonderful life that our independence from England has granted fighters like me. I now work at my own shoemaker store in the city Manchester, New Hampshire where business has been low and I still have a debt to one guy that might take me to court for my lack of payment. This government is really ticking me off, they gave people who did survive the Revolutionary war like me a little I.O.U. which I already got rid of in favor of some real cash. Now bankers that were already trumping me in terms of money want to become richer than they already are, while farmers and workers like me are barely living off what we have. The government is supposedly making a redraft of the Articles of Confederation, which I can happily support, but if I don't get of the mess I'm in I will march over to the government with my gun and demand satisfaction.
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