Jackson: Good President or Not

red neck president

trail of tears

jackson personally thought the indains were savage and wanted them gone. in reality, the indians were more civil than the U.S. americans. so, jackson sent them to Georgia because he wanted them gone and there was fertile soil and gold. On the trip a third of the indians

died but they made it to Georgia. after a while they wanted more land to use so the soldiers

sent them through the snow to Oklahoma where they said was a lot of great land but ended up to be ugly, dry, and humid

nullification crisis

Jackson put a tax on imported good so that people in the U.S. would buy stuff from the U.S.

People in the south were mad especially south Carolina. SC was so angered by this and threatened to leave the U.S. then jackson sent soldiers to enforce the law. SC and the government agreed to lower tariff

jackson democracy

this led to having all whit men vote instead of just rich white men. this is also called expand of suffrage. it made jackson win his second term by a lot because there are more white males than rich white males. it made it so the democrats will more likely be chosen.

white male factory worker

to me jackson is the best president ever! he is just an average white male who gets elected president, which gives me great confidence. my fellow workers believe that jackson is great as well and we think he will make a huge effect on the USA. we also like his style of leadership

indian man

i really hate Andrew Jackson he is the worst president ever. first he dosen't even like indians or care, he thinks were savages when he is the one taking our land. when we were just minding our own business he comes in and takes our land and sends us to Georgia. we were starting to get back on our feet when they took our land again but this time lots of families lost members. when we arrived in Oklahoma there was nothing so thanks a lot jackson!
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this cartoon is showing jackson having too much power or abusing the amount of power he has. he came up with something called a veto which gives a president power to shut down a law idea.