Bone Valley

By: Hunter Mcguire and Pamela Jimenez

Where is it located?

The Bone Valley is a region of central Florida.
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A million years ago

  • Geologic Age: Miocene/Pliocene

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What is it?

The Bone Valley is known to be an area supplied with phosphate that came from the sea deposition a million years ago.


The phosphate comes from sediment that was deposited through layers on the bottom of the sea floor. Its known to be rich sediments that scientist believe formed from precipitation of phosphate from seawater waste products and skeletons from the living.

Why in Flordia?

When huge sharks and massive whales piled back then in the sea they shared the stage with land animals. These animals were like threetoed horse and giant sloth; they are believed to have made the trek to North America from Asia passing the Bering Straight land Bridge (when sea level was lower).

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