Westatics For the Blacker !

By| ! Trevon Briggs

Owning Land !

Remember how before you couldn’t own anything, Now you can own land and get 160 acres of it !

Getting our own jobs !

Before we had no way of occupation, but now we can become farmers, and farmers of our land.

Farm For Win

The benefit being a farmer is that we get our land, we get occupation and we get to feed ourselves.

Keep yourself occupied !

Even though there is a five requirement, what us would you being doing with your time in this oppressive society you live in!?

If you can find to benefit from it, TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY !

-Trevino Bihhs


Why should you move to the west for the homestead act?| This is a perfect way for you to get a start and constant on your life, how may other opportunities do you get in your life? You can feed yourself, you have a place to live that you can even own and you can definitely give yourself a job.... and for 5 years at that ! It may not be the very upmost best deal but you have had worst and it's better to take something and benefit from it rather than leave it be and stay in the same position when the position you're isn't very great. This is exactly why you should move west and invest in the homestead act because it's best for you and.. the rest.