Much Ado About Nothing

By: Karyssa Techmeier

Casting the Characters

The Plot

The first biggest event in the play is when Don Pedro wins over Hero for Claudio. It was very important because without the romance of Claudio and Hero there would have been no plot at all. It sparked the interest of Don Pedro and allowed for there to be more to come.
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More Plot

Another important part of the story is when Don John plots against Hero and Claudio. This reveals that he is a villan, who only wishes to ruins other people's lives. It causes conflict between character and leads to Hero's fake death.
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Even More Plot

The last important part of the story is when Claudio begs to Leonato for forgiveness. Of course, Leonato knows that Hero is not dead. So he allows Claudio to marry his neice, later known to be Hero, even after what he did to her. It concluded the play to allow a happy ending for the love birds and it revealed that Leonato has good intentions for his daughter.
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The theme for this story is lies and deciet. Poker Face by Lady GaGa is a perfect representation of this theme because it states that GaGa keeps a poker face while she's doing intimate things with various people when it really should be someone else (Borachio and Don John's plan of cheating). It's like when Borachio does intamate things with Margaret to make it seem as though he's doing it with Hero. Which is a lie. Claudio is lied to like how GaGa uses a poker face to lie to others.
Lady GaGa Poker Face Lyrics on screen