Emperor Penguins

By Suah


Emperor penguins are the largest of 17 species of penguin at 1.15 m tall. They are in the bird family. They are black at the back and white on the belly. They also have a orange mark on their neck. The chicks are grey and have a black head. They waddle and walk in lines one behind the other so they won't get lost. Even though their in the bird family they can't fly at all.


Emperor Penguins eat small fish, krill, squid and other small creatures. They can dive 500m deep and can hold their breath for 15 mins. Females usually do this after they lay their egg so they can eat and feed the new born when they come back. They have to be careful in water because their predator , Leopard Seals, can come and hunt them.
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It's a long journey for the Emperor Penguins to reach the breeding area. The female gives birth to one egg. Some of the couples rush so the egg may get cracked or get frozen. The female gives the egg to the male so they can go look for food. The male looks after the egg for 2 months. To stay warm the males huddle together and keep on doing that until the female gets back. The male doesn't eat for 129 days just for the baby. Once the females come back and the egg is frozen ,because of the harsh weather, they'll try and steal other chicks when they get a bit older. The Seabirds ,a predator, will try and kill the chick so they can eat them.

Habitat/Interesting Facts

Emperor penguins live off the coast of Antarctica. They rest on ice slopes but sometimes they melt in Summer. While walking to the breeding area they seem to know which way to go. Some of them feel tired they tend to slide on their bellies but some get left behind because of weakness.