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For an ecommerce website payment gateways are the next big thing as it need to satisfy users ideology and hesitation behind sharing and saving their credit card and bank access. In general payment gateways are defined as the medium to get payed for the products user’s purchases through online. Hence integrating the powerful and trustworthy payment gateway to your online business is implicit.

We would come across various payment gateway providers for the online business websites. Before choosing the payment gateway provider we need to check with factors like what are the currencies,countries and location supported by it. So make sure to pick the right payment medium to the right place.

An online website should provide choices to the user through which they wish to transact money. Some people prefer payment gateways few prefer bank transfer only. Hence multi-channel payment mode will be very much appreciative among the users. Figure out the terms and conditions, some factors like transaction fees by the payment gateway provider falls into your budget, check the payment gateway accepts the credit and debit cards from all banks, Make sure the payment gateway would allow selling physical and digital goods. Some payment medium will allow only selling physical goods, Go through the checkout form by the payment provider as it should not include any irrelevant details to be filled.

Let us take a look at the powerful and popular payment gateways integrated by many online websites to serve their users with the trustful bond.

● Paypal was developed and launched on 1999. The most powerful and widely used payment gateway around the world. Paypal accepts both credit and debit card transactions. End-users can access the free paypal account to transact money online for their purchase. Store owners, sellers and business people should pay transaction fee of “3.4% + $0.30 USD”. paypal don't require setup and monthly fee. Around 341,497 websites prefer paypal as one among their payment medium

● Stripe, the next powerful payment gateway provider. It supports around 139 currencies and 18 countries. It charges rate of 2.9% + 30 cent per successful transactions until the record achieves $1 million per year. The rate varies on country basis but it would be as flat charge. No special charge rates are added.

●, allows merchant to accept credit and debit cards and electronic check payments through the web. It consists around 400,000 merchants worldwide. It charges $49 as set up fee & $29 as monthly gateway fee.

●, also allows banking credit and debit cards. It also offer electronic cheques. charges “25% + 0.25” per transaction. You need to pay $400 for terminating your services prior to the expiration of service agreement with

●, offers services in 196 countries and accepts payments on paypal, credit and debit card. Charges “2.9% + 30 cent” per successful transaction. does’nt charge on monthly and setup fees.

Fulfil the requirements and trust of your users to hookup for a long term association between you and your buyers. These were the overview and factors for the merchant and online business people to look after befor picking the payment gateway.

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