By Sara Hodges

How Virginia got started

Virginia was founded in 16o7, by a group made up of 105 people who traveled over from England and began a settlement called Jamestown.

Virginia was the first out of the thirteen original colonies to be founded, a group of investors hoped to profit from going to the Americas sponsored the group of people who went to expand the European nations and find a northwest passage.

Life in Virginia

Many of the colonists were farmers and planters who loved and worked on small farms of less than two hundred acres. Virginia revolutionized in Plantation Agriculture, specifically growing tobacco, wheat, and corn.

The racial composition of Virginia was almost 90% English migrants. Religion was a very important part in the early colonists everyday lives, the churches were supported by tax money, and there was a blurred line between religious and civil authority.

Important facts!

Virginia was named after Queen Elizabeth for her status as the "Virgin Queen."

A unique aspect of Virginia was their development of agriculture. They along with the southern colonies were almost entirely agricultural, Plantation agriculture was the main aspect and allowed the colonists to make a living by growing tobacco, rice, and wheat to sell to people in England and other places around the world.

Some important events that happened in Virginia are:

1612 John Rolfe saved the colony from collapsing by introducing the growing of tobacco.

1619 The house of Burgesses met in Jamestown

1624 Virginia became a royal colony

1693 the college of William and mary was founded

One important person who was associated with colonial Virginia was John Rolfe, he saved the colony from total collapse by introducing the growing and selling of tobacco to people in England and other places around the world. Another Important person was Christopher Newport, he was famous for being the captain of Susan Constant which was the largest of three ships who carried colonists to Virginia in 1607.


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