Perkins' Pieces #3

Open doors to more than a diploma: Read, Write & Inquire

We have so many pieces to celebrate!

Thank you all for your hard work with our students! In this edition of Pieces, I want to take a moment to share some tips and shout outs from our secondary schools in LCS. I could send an entire newsletter entirely devoted to the thoughtful work you are doing with kids. These are just a few models of deep inquiry.

BSA - Way to go, James Beasley-Mungin aka Mr. B at Bragg Street for tackling some great social-emotional learning tactics coupled with writing exercises in his middle school classroom.

LCHS - Shout out to Wendy Bryan for her dedication to quality curriculum! She is integrating UbD transfer in IB, traditional English, and Journalism. Many thanks to her for sharing this "tips of the week" idea from Jostens with me as well!

LEC - Kudos to Denise Sawyer for great pacing in her classroom. She takes time between varied activities to let students collaborate and is sure to always drive home the need for them to write about their readings. There is no time to waste in Ms. Sawyer's room.

SLHS - Well done, Lynn Gelling! She has students producing quality group work and presentations. She used Reciprocal Teaching methods to review narrative elements and build relationships in the first month of school. Next up? Lynn is pairing Julius Ceasar with Oedipus the King to teach the big idea of Power.

ELMS - Yvette Batten is on a roll with her 6th grade partner Amy Morrison! They are using a paragraph of the week writing protocol, have made Plot Pizzas, and are integrating guided Cornell Notes to study for tests on their readings and terms. These are just a few pieces they have already done this year.

SLMS - Josh Schneider, in tandem with the entire seventh grade team, has been rocking out DESSA vocab, Clipboard Reading, as well as shared reading of Kipling followed up with a RAFT and One-Pager writing exercise, and I could go on, but I digress.

WLMS - Cathy Oldham has her eighth graders on the edge of their seats. They hang on her every word as they read several selections that connect thematically, such as Saki's short stories. She models high expectations with high interest texts that are complex.


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"And always, there was the magic of learning things." - Francie Nolan

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Planning Pieces

Literacy Instruction for Future Readiness

Research base on the call for Text Complexity:

Unit Planning Frame and Daily Lesson Plan Template

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Folder of Resources with Calendars and Basics for Planning

What is WICOR?

Not so Itty Bitty Book of Common Instructional Framework from NCNS (aka goldmine of protocols for engaging students - WICOR, just a horse of a different color):

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More than a Diploma Infographic

Our District Transfer Goals (Top Five Skills for 21st Century Grads):

1. Can demonstrate effective and creative written and oral communication in various formats appropriate for purpose and audience.

2. Can, without significant scaffolding, comprehend and evaluate complex texts across a range of types and disciplines, and then construct arguments and convey intricate or multifaceted information. Likewise, students are able independently to discern a speaker’s key points, request clarification, and ask relevant questions.

3. Can solve real-world problems by applying various strategies.

4. Are self-directed learners who can self-evaluate using different perspectives.

5. Are responsible/respectful leaders/citizens who can empathize in various situations.

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