2015 In Review

Emma Sharman

Buffalo Wild Wings

They used multiple sports channels to promote their restaurant and encourage customers to come in a watch a game while eating good food.
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Gatorade marketed their new sports drinks on multiple channels, not just sports channels. They wanted to increase their target market to all ages.
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Under Armour

Under Armour created new shoes for 2015 to increase their awareness and popularity as a company. They began to make basketball shoes more comfortably so that more people would buy them.
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Best Product: Laptop Tablet 2-in-1

This laptop was created to give the customer a device that could be used as a tablet, but when it needed a keyboard it could be a laptop.
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Best Product: PS4

This is the new and improved play station, with better graphics and updated games
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Worst Product: Snackeez

A drink and snack in one cup. This idea was a flop. Although there were commercials for this product, it did not sell too many items.
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Worst Product: Watermelon Oreos

Golden Oreos with watermelon filling. A limited edition Oreo that didn't last too long, because of the mixed tastes.
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Top Movie: Jurassic World

This new revamped idea from the old classic was a hit in the box office. Many commercials were aired in theaters for months before the actual movie came out.
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Top Movie: The Avengers Age of Ultron

This Avengers movie grossed box office sales beating out the first movie. This movie had a Twitter account to advertise the movie.
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Top Artist: Lana Del Rey

She released a new album that topped her past albums in sales. Lana would post pictures on Instagram and Twitter promoting her new album.
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Top Artist: The Weeknd

This artist topped charts this year with his new album Beauty Behind the Madness. He tweeted about his album and it was advertised on iTunes.
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Top Ten Musical Artists of 2015 http://www.billboard.com/charts/artist-100

1 Adele

2 Justin Bieber

3 Drake

4 The Weeknd

5 Taylor Swift

New Year's Goal

Personal: Eat Healthier

Family and Friends: Make new friends and try to reach out to family

School: Be a Spartan in Good Standing for the rest of the year