BTNT Meeting Agenda

Monday October 17, 2016


We are officially in the countdown to midterms and Fall Break--only a few more weeks and we will be at the halfway point for this semester. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed or just plain tired--hang in there a break is near :)

Our focus for today's meeting will be strategies for managing your classroom and how to deal with the students who seem impossible to engage.

Just like you feel like it's time for a break; your student feel it to. Today's meeting will focus on how to get everyone across the line for Fall Break!

Opening Activity: Classroom Management Articles &" 3-2-1"

Let's take a moment to discuss any "ah has" or "amens" in regards to the articles you chose to read. What were your 3-2-1s?

Small Group Activity: Classroom Management Scenarios

Working with the members of your group, brainstorm how you would handle each of these scenarios; be ready to share out in 15 minutes.


Explore the Thinglink below for more strategies for engaging students in the classroom.

Have a Great Rest of the Week !