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Dont Do Drugs

How Drugs That Affect The Brain Work

Messages go to the brain by nerves in your brain. Drugs change the way messages are sent to the brain by acting like neurotransmitters. Changing the communication between neurons by interfering with neurotransmitters, by changing the way we sense, feel, and respond to the world around us. Messages in the brain determine our mood by sending nerves to our brain. Drugs can affect emotions by making us do things by the way we feel.

The Path to Addiction

The stages of addiction go by drug use that activates the brain reward system. Then tolerance means that the drug user needs more of the drug to produce the same effect. After that, dependence means that the drug user experiences uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if he or she tries to stop using the drug. The last stage is addiction, this means that the drug user has lost control of his or her drug-taking habit.

Ways to Treat Addiction

If you want to treat addiction you can go to drug rehab places.Here are a couple of places to go in Ashland, KY. Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital has a drug rehab facility. So does King's Daughters Medical Center. Also, so does Parcway Assessment Center.
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