Modern Learner Days @ NCESD

Classroom Tech Integration from One Colleague to Another

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On October 19th, All Presenters Will Be Included in a Drawing for the new HP Stream Laptop!


Teachers & Administrators - If you're excited about what you're doing with technology in YOUR classroom, WE want to hear about it! The following is a list of ideas to get you thinking. If there are other areas that you are integrating, feel free to suggest a topic.
  • How YOU integrate STEM in YOUR computer class
  • Coding in the classroom
  • Using Google Apps in YOUR STEM Classroom
  • How to integrate STEM in YOUR MS Math Classroom
  • How to integrate STEM in YOUR MS Science Classroom
  • Mobile Polling Software – How to see what students really know!
We have a full day planned with great topics...
  • Emerging Trends: The shift from formal education to work-integrated learning.
  • How to use Technology in any classroom with any lesson: The SAMR model.
  • Using Edvation’s Exibi software to create student portfolios.
  • 10 hidden secrets of Google extensions
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This Series is for Classroom Teachers, Principals, Curriculum Directors & Administrators:

Join us for a full day of classroom tech demonstrations from colleagues and IT Professionals. What works? What's the latest? Who does it best? ...Changes in the way we teach and learn are at a historical high. Keeping up has been almost impossible. This day is about bringing together like minded educators, teachers, and leaders to collaborate and learn about the cutting-edge of education. With relevant discussions about instructional technology integration, this day will give your staff the ability to teach, lead, and innovate with their students and colleagues.

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