Crocuta Crocuta

Hyena Background

There are three different types of hyenas. Spotted, Brown, and Striped Hyena. Hyenas are carnivores. When adults, they grow up to be 28-35 inches tall, and 90-190 lbs. On average, Hyenas live to be 12 years in age. They usually live in a Desert Biome, they like the heat.

Hyenas are known to be scavengers. They don't usually hunt own there own if they need to hunt in fact. They are pack animals. They travel to scavenge for left overs, or dead animals.


Hyenas are over populated. Even though Hyenas are over populated, hunting Hyenas is a big problem in Africa. Around 7,000 hyenas are killed yearly. That's 20 dogs per day. A big way to stop this is to restrict the hunting of Hyenas. Areas should be preserved for Hyena breeding. The areas could also be used for safe environment for living.

Laws Protecting Hyenas

  • In order to hunt Hyenas you must have a special Sport Hunting License
  • You may not have a pet Hyena unless you live in the native areas for that species
  • You cannot hunt hyenas in an area in which they are endangered
  • You may not hunt more then 20 Hyenas per year


Why Hyenas are hunted are for various reasons.
It could be for their fur, revenge, or simply just for fun for the hunters. Most of the Hyenas that are killed are actually on accident. The Hyenas travel into the traps and they get caught and die.
Also, in rare cases, Hyenas bodies are used for medical purposes. As in to cure sicknesses in tribes and such.