Ms. Sizemore's Class Newsletter

December 3

Upcoming Events

Friday, December 5: Field Trip, Nutcracker at Diane Wortham Theatre

December 5- December 11: Book Fair

Wednesday, December 10: Festival of Lights (program at Dickson) Cost is $2.25.

Thursday, December 11: Hour of Code @ 8;15

Monday, December 15: Field Trip, Pack Library

Tuesday, December 16: Winter Program

Friday, December 19: Pajama Day, Gingerbread Houses

The Nutcracker

We have been listening to music from The Nutcracker and reading different versions of this classic story. Students are excited about going to see The Nutcracker ballet on Friday. We will leave about 9:15. Students need to bring a packed lunch and can dress up if they want. If you signed up to chaperone, please make sure you have paid for your ticket.

Festival of Lights

A teacher from the Center for Cultural Diversity will be back Wednesday to teach the students about 3 winter holidays- Ramadan, Inti Raymi in Peru and Chinese New Year. I have also invited some parents to come in and teach the kids about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The cost of next week's program will be $2.25 per student.

Winter Workshop

An important focus for Social Studies in second grade is economics. A fun way to introduce this concept is Winter Workshop. Our class will be partnering with Ms. Nagle's class to produce and sell homemade gifts for the holidays. Next week, students will be employed by me to make holiday-related gifts. They will keep track of their time and calculate their money earned. On Dec. 16, students in both classes will have the opportunity to use the money they earned to buy gifts for their friends and family. If you would like to donate materials or volunteer your time, please follow this link.

Holiday Program

The Winter Program is December 16 @ 6:00 in the Asheville High School Auditorium. Students in K-2 will be performing a mini-musical titled Snoozy Snowflake. Our students will be snowflakes and need to dress in blue and white. Ms. Theisen will let the kids know how early they need to be at school that evening.


  • Thanks to Charlotte (Maya's mom) for walking with us to the library before Thanksgiving.
  • Thanks to Kelly (Alastair's mom), Stephanie (Ella's mom) and Amy (Stella's mom) for going with us the NC Arboretum.
  • Thanks to Kelly (Alastair's mom), Lorne (Gabriella's dad) and Rachel (Cassie's mom) for walking with us to the library on Monday.
  • Thanks to Hadley's family for providing delicious, healthy snacks before the break.
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What We're Learning!

Science- We have been learning about the tools meteorologists use to collect data and predict the weather. During our field trip to the Arboretum, students worked in teams to use some of the tools we have been learning about to collect some weather data. Yesterday, students used probes to measure the sunlight and record the changes in temperature throughout the day. This afternoon, they reviewed the data and discussed their findings with Mr. Emry.

Math- Students are using what they know about place value to solve addition and subtraction problems. We are learning a new game called Close to 20, which is giving students practice with adding 3 addends. They are also practicing their basic math facts by adding number strings (Example: 1 + 4 + 4 + 9). They are playing a game called Beat the Calculator to see if they can total up a number string faster than a partner can add it up on a calculator. We have some pretty speedy kids in our class.

Reading- We are beginning to discuss character traits and how text details help us get to know our characters better. As you are reading at home, please talk about character traits. Students continue to work on retelling a story, both orally and in writing.

Writing- Following our trip to The Nature Center earlier in the year, students chose an animal they wanted to learn more about. Students are in the process of using Book Creator to make e-books about their animals. We will have an author celebration when these are complete.

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Technology Integration

  • Second grade began piloting iPad a few years ago, so there are 2 class sets that can be rotated among the five second-grade classes. We just started our rotation with the iPads and will be working to integrate them to our everyday learning.
  • In our weather unit, we are learning how technology makes data collection more accurate. When we were at the Arboretum, students used digital anemometers which are used to measure wind speed and I just ordered one for our classroom. With Mr. Emry's help, we used the digital probes to collect weather data all day yesterday.
  • Hour of Code- We will be participating in the Hour of Code Thursday, Dec. 11 at 8:15. Parent volunteers would be greatly appreciated.
  • Today, students did an interest inventory and took a placement test for a new program called myON. It is a digital library with thousands of digital books students can read and review. Over time, the program will get a feel for each student's interests and suggest additional books they might want to read. We will send home a letter before the break so you will know how to help your child access these books from home.

Assistant Update

We were able to conduct interviews for a new assistant and we hope to offer the job to someone this week, pending their approval by Central Office. I will keep you updated about the process.