This is a Disorder

5 Different symptoms of the Condition

  • Short Stature as an Child
  • Short Arms and Legs
  • Short Fingers
  • Abnormally Large forehead
  • Undeveloped of the mid face region

How the Condition could affects daily life is...

  • Later in life they people with this condition could have a risk of heart disease

What is the Life Expectency

  • Normal life span

How many people have this Condition

  • Over 15,000 people have this condition

What is the Mutation causing the condition

  • DNA fails to copy accurately

What chromosome is affected

  • Arm of chromosome 4

The name of the gene that is mutated is...

  • FGFR3

The meaning of the diseases name

  • Morphologic Abnormalities

The three possible treatments for the condition are...

  • Take growth shots
  • Change appearance
  • Get surgery

Is there a cure for the condition ?

  • NO

Other interesting information is...

  • That ring fingers sow up a lot on the internet