Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid

IR Resonance summarize. By Ethan Pichette


In the book Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid. The book was really good because It is really exiting,Greg was having a snowball fight. He found a rock and Rawly his neighbor was hiding be hind the car. So Greg throw a rock and missed him and hit the car window. The window was shattered and the car alarm went off. Then and the tree boys came running after them. The boys ran as fast as they could. There hearts where pounding so fast as they came around the corner. They thought they lost them but then they garbed them, and they where going to beat them up. Then the gym teacher came out and started to yell at them, and the boys took of in there car. The gym teacher came up to the boys and helped them up. Thats what I read in class today.
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http://www.glogster.com/glog/6m4b9emh1g4ffladf3vo9a0.html This is a pitcher of Greg and Rawly and the 3 boys.
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This is the book I read