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Publication 24: 2/10/2020

Gompers journey...#180daysofwhy...#students

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THEORY of ACTION - If Gompers teachers engage in standards-based instruction with increasingly higher levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) tasks and provide opportunities for collaborative work, then students will think critically and strategically, which will positively impact their conceptual understanding and transferable skills.

Team Gompers,

Gooood Day! I hope you enjoy the day...doing something "special" for yourself!!

Welp, the rumor is true....Mrs. Bethel is retiring on February 28th. She informed her class and parents on Friday. She has served our school and district for over 38 years in many capacities. It is now time for her to not be tied to an alarm clock, taking a nap "just because" at 1:00 in the afternoon, meeting her other retired friends at Mimi's Cafe for lunch or an early dinner, or simply just being with family and loved ones. Let us wish her well as she embarks on this beautiful next journey of life. Much deserved!!!

Thank you for your active work, collaboration and reflection in our Professional Release opportunities this past week. I learn so much from each of you as we engage in collaboration and reflective analysis to examine understanding our learning understandings in CC standards and DOK. The deliverable was the submission of the revised Action Plan.

Please take the time to complete the annual CORE survey link that was emailed to you by PANORAMA Education. If by chance you did not receive the link, please advise so that I can inform Daro in Research. Lastly, if all certificated staff members take the survey by 2/18, then the 2/20 staff meeting can be converted to grade-level meetings with your own topic. Please complete the survey. Also, note if you are a parent of a student @ Gompers, you will be asked to complete from the perspective of a parent and then another one as a staff member

If you have not had the opportunity to show the 3rd broadcast to your class, please stake some time this week to share. Enjoy the 3rd Gator Nation Broadcast:

During our SDM meeting, there was some concern that decisions were being made without full knowledge of the staff. I assume the "rumors" have to do with budget and its effect on staffing in 2020 -21, teacher supervision schedules, lunch schedules, etc... There are subcommittees that are doing some of the work and drafts but there are no decisions that are being made. If decisions need to be made, many of the upcoming changes will be brought forth to the staff for review/feedback for better implementation possibilities. However, please note (many)"possible" revisions/changes are part of the negotiated contract provisions or limits as identified by budget allocations.

Thank you, Mrs. Lucio, for donating soooooo many board games to get our GAMEROOM up and running. It is greatly appreciated!!!

Lastly, ELPAC: Continuing...

Thank you, Kinder and First grade teachers, for your patience with the ELPAC assessment. This is the first time our examiners are testing students on Chromebooks, so the first day was trial/ error, but they now have the hang of it.



Dr. Miller

February Collaboration Opportunities working toward consistency of instructional best practices = CTE

February 13 -Grade Department Meeting (Grade Level provides agenda topics)

February 20 - Grade/Department Meeting (Dr. Miller provides the agenda topic: CORE SURVEY)

***Please note, this can be grade level generated topics for planning if everyone, completes the CORE survey by February 18th ***

February 27 - Band Meeting - Equity and Instructional Excellence (Led by ILT)

Just a friendly reminder:

As we attend all collaboration meetings the following should be a part of standards items to bring:

Standards, LBUSD Continuum, Lesson Plan Book, Digital Device

Preparation Documents.......and of course, we respect each other's time by being on time!!!

Upcoming Assessment Reminders:

K-5: RAPID Assessment #2

Jan 7-Feb. 21

K - 5: ELA Synergy Assessment--Grades 2-5

Unit 3 Dec. 3-Jan. 21

Window Opens on Jan. 9 and Closes Feb. 19

Unit 4 Jan. 22-March 5

Window Opens on Feb. 24 and Closes April 1

K-5: Math Synergy Assessments

Unit 4 - Kinder (opens 2/24) - 2nd (opens 2/11) 3rd (opens 2/24) 4th (opens 2/24)

6-8 Math Synergy Assessments

Unit 4 - 6 (opens 2/13) - 6ACC (opens 2/6) - 7 (opens 2/28) 7 ACC (opens 2/21) -

8 (opens 2/28)

Unit 3 - Alg (opens 2/11)

Culture and Climate

Know your neighbor? Know your GATOR TEAM Member? Building relationships and connectedness via...Team Members Spotlight!!!!

AMAZING.....Team Member - Mr. Clint Vis, English Teacher

Interesting Fact - While traveling in Italy/Greek islands, He ran into JLo and A-Rod! They picked up his and friend's restaurant's tab!

Best childhood memory - Weekly trips to the beach and playing sports with and against my brothers.

Grew up - In Huntington Beach and attended Harborview Elementary

Degrees - CSULB - Bachelor's in English Education

Hobbies - Enjoy being outside: sports, hiking, and fishing to name a few!!

Extraordinary....Team Member - Ms. Brandi Santa, Psychologist

Grew up in Long Beach: McKinley and Hudson (K-8)

Childhood memory - Family, Going camping every summer with my family

Favorite TV show - Gilmore Girls and Favorite Movie - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Brings Most "comfort and joy": Cuddling with my "little" while watching a movie or going to Disneyland without the pressure of having to do everything and just enjoying the atmosphere

Talent or Hobby: Needlepoint and Cross Stich, Recreated 3 famous art pieces including Van Gogh's Starry Night

Love about Gompers - Many age range of the students I get to service.

GFS: Going GREEN...Be a Neighbor..Be a Friend

These resources can be used with your classroom to support our GFS trait of the month Neighborly:

Neighborly Brainstorming Video Exercise:

Neighborly activities:

Celebrating February Black History Month w/10 Facts!

Click the embedded link for resources for possible classroom use

Relationships, Relationships, it's the Relationship that matters and makes the difference =.72 in student achievement increases

Kill'em with Kindness to build those Relationships - 2 x 10 Relationship Challenge

Spending 2 minutes a day for 10 consecutive days talking with your most disruptive student is a way to establish a great rapport and build a positive relationship. Teachers who've used this strategy report that it helps to establish a positive connection with disruptive students, who are sometimes seeking attention due to unfortunate circumstances in their personal lives. This quick conversation could take place before school, on the way out of the door at dismissal, on or on the way to recess/lunch. Engage the student in conversation about anything that interests them. Your questions should extend beyond "How are you today?" to questions like "What are your favorite things to do outside of school?" Please see the link below for a quick video "informercial" with more information on this effective strategy for building relationships:

Sanford Harmony .....SEL support implementation opportunities (K-5)

Community Circles, Buddy Up, Character Books ....inquiring minds???

Continued support for implementation "pilot" opportunities are available:

March 3 and March 17 @ 8:00 - 8:45, library - Led by Kat Komatz Head Counselor for Elementary

Voluntary butttttt ohhhh so worth it!!

Thank you all who have started on the connected journey of SEL and student achievement

FFF????....of course its' Fabulous Fridays in February

Click the embedded link to view the FFF??!!

School Leadership...........


Safe and Civil:

Playground Expectations

Duty/Playground Schedules (Quarter 4)


Next Meeting - 2/21 @ 8:00, Mr. Knowlton's room


Meeting 2/11 @ 3:30

Help Desk Ticketing Information

Click the video to watch the new process for submission

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Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.


Child Abuse Hotline: 800-540-4000

DCFS- 310-972-3111

School Safety: 562-997-8101

EASE (Employee Assistance Service for Education): 800-882-1341

Lakewood Sherriff - 562-623-3500

2/10 - No School/President's Holiday

2/12 - Female Leadership Academy

2/12 - 7:45 ILT

2/13 - 8th-grade Fieldtrip to Holocaust

2/13 - Master Schedule "subcommittee" - 3:30 - 4:20pm

2/13 - BB @ Bancroft vs Franklin @ 4:30

2/14 - Achievement Celebration MS ( See schedule from Monica)

2/14 - FFF - Latte on me!!!

2/17 - No School/President's Holiday

2/18 - CORE survey to be completed by 4th & 5th for all students

2/19 - Miller @ Coaches Meeting 8 - 12:00

2/19 & 20 - 7th Grade Filed Trip/Assistance League

2/19 - CORE Survey to be completed by MS Science teachers for all MS students

2/20 - BB @ Newcomb vs Newcomb

2/22 - FFF??? Ohhhh Teahhhh get your camera's ready!!!

2/22 - Empowered Learning - Tech Summit opportunity with COTSEN (Saturday)

2/22 - Girl's Track @ Wilson

2/26 - Dept. Head Meetings @ TRC

2/26 - Female Leadership Academy Meets in Library

2/27 - Dr. Lund on site

2/28 - ES only SOM and Achievement Celebration time TBD)

2/28 - FFF

2/29 - Saturday School (tentative)