Should HMS do it

What is MIOSM

Music In Our Schools Month

Is a program that schools can take part of to educate children and teens about the benefits and importance of music. This program is designed to reach out to kids who are not in musical classes already, such as choir, band, and orchestra.


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Why should HMS participate in MIOSM

So the students who are not in any musical class are still able to get the benefits of the music. Music also helps you relax, perform better, decrease anxiety, and make you happier. It would convince students to join the musical classes they were unsure about earlier.


What are some of the benefits of music?

Students that participate in music are less likely to do drugs. Music can relieve pain, relax you, enhance your IQ, improve coordination, help ADHD kids focus, make you more helpful and collaborative, make you more creative, foster compassion, and makes you happier!