In the Art Room!

What's going on here at Salem Elementary.....

Fall 2016

Here in the Art room, we have been busy busy busy! Each grade K-6 has been working on their own unique art project. We have also joined together with Mrs. Kratzert to collaborate and learn how each of us is different yet unique through the message of a special book.

Check out what students are doing in each grade below!

You be you by Linda Kranz

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Grades K- 6

Students read the story You be You by Linda Kranz, then created their own unique fish drawing just like Linda Kranz did. Linda is the author and illustrator of the story. She painted rocks to make the illustrations. Every student is making a fish and we are all going to swim together when all our fish are made!

Below is the video by fellow art teacher Cassie Stephens teaching how to make the fish drawing.

In the Art Room: You Be You by Linda Kranz



Our first art unit this year was LINE!!!! Students learned how to draw different kinds of lines and learned what they are called. We learned how to take strips of paper and create a 3-dimensional sculpture out of different lines. Students looked at famous sculptures including those at Salem Art Works!

Next, learned about the artist Wassily Kandinsky and looked at his beautiful line paintings. Since Kandinsky had a condition where he heard music every time he saw colors (synaesthesia), we listened to music while we painting using lines and shapes like Kandinsky. Here is a link to Peter and the Wolf done by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra that we listened to in class.

First Grade

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Fall Line Leaf Paintings

In First Grade, we refreshed our memory on types of lines and learned how to make line patterns. We looked at pictures of leaves up close and noticed that in the Fall, leaves turn into WARM colors (red, orange and yellow). We then traced different types of leaves, added line patterns inside our leaves, then added swirls to represent the wind in the background. Students used watercolor paints.

Second Grade

Kente Cloth Paper Weavings

In Second Grade, we learned about the master weavers from Ghana, Africa. They make a type of fabric called Kente cloth. This is a traditional brightly colored and patterned fabric worn by royalty and nobility that is made ONLY by men! We looked at several patterns and painted our own paper weaving. We are in the process of finishing the painting portion of our weavings and will now begin to weave on them after Thanksgiving break!

Third Grade

Giant Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers in chalk pastels

In Third Grade, we learned about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe and looked at her beautiful GIANT flower paintings. We practiced drawing on our RIGHT brain and allows us to draw better. We drew big flowers on black paper, outlined our pencil marks in Elmer's glue, let it dry, then blended chalk pastels to create either Warm or Cool colored flowers with the opposite background.

Fourth Grade

Andy Warhol Pop Art Portraits

Fourth Grade is working on their Pop Art Self Portraits! Students learned about the artist Andy Warhol including his transfer/tracing method and traced their face 4 times onto a large piece pf paper. Students then began to paint their face with crazy bright colors just like Andy's portraits.

Fifth Grade

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El Dia de los Muertos Symmetrical Sugar Skulls

Fifth Grade learned about El Dia de los Muertos or The Day of the Dead. Students learned about balance and symmetry and drew their own Sugar Skull while using symmetry. We were able to hang them up downstairs in time for El Dia de los Muertos on November 1st & 2nd. This animated short below is a great way to learn about the Day of the Dead and what it really means to the people who celebrate it.
CGI Animated Shorts: "Dia De Los Muertos" - by Whoo Kazoo

Sixth Grade

OP Art Sphere Illusion drawing in colored pencil

Sixth Grade spent a few classes learning about the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students then learned about OP Art, short for Optical Art, or art that tricks your eyes. Students are in the process of creating their own OP art illusion drawings using colored pencils and demonstrating perspective in the background. Complementary colors or colors opposite each other on the color wheel make the best illusions.
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Vega-Nor by Victor Vasarely, 1969, OP Art.