Wednesday Minis

March 25, 2015


  • Pie for Life - April 7 11am-3pm
  • Relay for Life - April 10 4pm-4am (but you don't have to go the whole time)
  • Sisterhood Hibachi - April 11 5pm @ Tokyo
  • Battle of Barton (Pi Phi and Chi Phi philanthropy) - April 12 1pm
  • Volunteer with Loaves and Fishes - April 16 (see Community Service announcement)
  • Appointed Officer Applications Due - April 22
  • Mili's Dance-a-thon - April 25 7-10pm @ Pixel
  • Formal - April 26 9:30-11pm @ Lakewatch
  • Girl Scouts Tour and Scavenger Hunt - May 2
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc


  • Sign up for the Relay for Life shirt by TOMORROW
  • Vote for your KD reusable liquid carrier of choice here
  • Check out the Loaves and Fishes opportunity (VP CS)
  • Nominate awesome people for awesome awards due March 27 5 pm
  • Appointed officer applications due April 22!
  • Email spring break pictures to Maple (mc2225)

VP COMMUNITY SERVICE - Alex McClellan (ahm236)

Make sure you check out Laura's announcement for some really cool information in regards to Relay for Life.

Loaves & Fishes Adventure

  • When: Thursday, April 16th with 1.5 hour shifts from 2:30-8 PM
  • Where: Loaves & Fishes in the Commons (transportation would be provided by either sister or taxi)
  • What: Help serve the local community dinner/chat with the guests (they love new faces!)/clean up
  • Sign up here! If we don't have enough interest, we'll try for another event next semester. Even if we can get a few girls to go, that would still be supes defs totes awes

Coming up soon: Mili's Dance-a-thon on April 25th from 7-10 PM @ Pixel

Have a great Spring break, lovelies!



Don't forget to send me spring break pics!!

Other than that, WWLD/keep it clean on social media and have fun & b urself <3

peace, love, dead cactus,



Greeks Go Green Chairs


We are trying to gauge interest in KD to-go mugs or water bottles so please keep filling out this survey:

It's actually only one question so like do it and you can get some cool reusable KD liquid carriers. We're going to close it soon and then come out with a more final design and order form.

-GGG crew

Relay for Life Chair

1. RELAY SHIRT DESIGN IS HERE YAY!!! Emma & Stacy have designed an amazing Relay shirt for us. They're $20 each, which we know is a little bit expensive, but for every shirt a sister buys, KD will donate $3 to our Relay team! That means that if 40 sisters buy shirts, we would raise another $120 for the American Cancer Society just by buying wearing awesome shirts!! Let's do it. Yay!

Because Relay is just two weeks away, we have to order them quick! Sign-ups will close TOMORROW 3/26 atmidnight. Please venmo or give cash to Alex McClellan by this time to get your shirt.

Sign-Up & Design:

The colors on the design that is posted are a little off -- it will use the light blue from the back design on both the front and the back!

2. Keep signing up here!

3. Join the Relay Facebook event here and invite all your friends!

Senior Club Chairs


Vera and I are planning wine tour and we need very concrete numbers about who can attend which dates. PLEASE check your final exam schedule (posted online, google it) and let us know which dates you will be able to attend. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS A$AP ROCKY, NO JOKE DO IT NOW!!!!! THANKSSSssss

If you don't do anything all day, do this:


Beera & Alyssa

Girl Scouts Chair Head - Miranda Deane

Our next event is May 2nd!

Put it in your calendars, we're giving Girl Scouts a tour of Cornell! Including a scavenger hunt O.o

Have a great, safe, fun break!

Love <3



Thursday - LLENROC - 10 pm - rides from KD and Schwartz - MATHLETES AND ATHLETES

* also, fun fact: their social texted me like a paragraph and a half about how much fun the llenroc brothers had at crush so they're suuuuuper amped up for this mixer!!

****** If you would like to sober this mixer please message Madeline Miceliasap!! WE NEED THREE SOBER MONITORS FOR THIS MIXER.

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See you ALL there!!!!
xoxo socialz