First Grade News

February 8 - 12, 2016


February 8th is Day 5 of the Encore Rotation

Mon. Read 10 Minutes

Spelling 3x each

Tues. Read 10 minutes

Math Worksheet

Wed. Read 10 minutes.

Rainbow Spelling

Thurs. Read 10 minutes.

Phonics Worksheet

Study spelling words

Fri. Read 20 minutes.

Optional Lifework: We celebrate President's Day in February. Who is the president of our country today? Write three sentences about our current president and draw a picture.

Spelling List 13 - Test Friday 2/12













Curriculum Corner

Langauge Arts: Review all Long Vowel Sounds. Learn Phonics: The three sounds of "ed." Putting words in alphabetic order. Valentine's Day writing. D'Nealian Handwriting letter Oo.

Math: Measurement: Non-standard units of length.

Social Studies: Economics. Vocabulary - Money, Saving, Needs, Wants, Goods, Producers, Consumers. Market Day: February 10th. Starting Science: Natural Resources.

Valentines Exchange Feb 12th

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 12th. There will be a Valentine’s card exchange in each classroom. We will not send home a class list of students from your child’s classroom. To make the distribution of cards easier, please have your child only fill out the "From" portion on each Valentine card. Please decide if you would like to have your child exchange cards with the class. If your child is participating, please send in a card for each child. Each classroom has 26 students.

If you would like to decorate a Valentine mailbox, you may do that at home and send it in on Friday with the Valentine's. Those students who do not make a box will be decorating Valentine bags in class. We would like donations of medium sized brown or white gift bags with handles and Valentines stickers. If you would like to donate any items, please contact your classroom teacher.

Thank you!

Star Students

Mrs. Brandt - Chloe Nowoczynski

Mrs. Buck - Christopher Palmer

Mrs. Moore - Evan Odedra

Star of the Week Instructions

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February Poem


He played by the river when he was young.

He raced with the rabbits along the hills,

He fished for minnows, and climbed and swung,

And hooted back at the whipporwills.

Strong and slender and tall he grew-

And then, one morning the bugles blew.

Over the hills summons came,

Over the river's shining rim.

He said that the bugles called his name.

He knew that his country needed him.

And he answered, "Coming!" and marched away,

For many a night and many a day.

Perhaps when the marches were hot and long

He'd think of the river flowing by

Or, camping under the winter sky,

Would hear the whipporwills far-off song.

Boy or soldier, in peace or strife,

He loved America all his life!
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Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of school closures due to inclement weather, the following plan is in effect. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that students maintain their progress and continue moving forward in their learning. Each day school is closed, it is expected that students complete the required work based on the requirements for each grade level. Parents are encouraged to print a copy of this plan to have it accessible. Students are encouraged to check the school website for any updates, changes and/or additional information. All work will be due upon the return the next day school is in session.

Thank you,

Pennington Administration


  • Reading: 20 minutes each day

  • Writing: Write 3 sentences about what you did that day. Illustrate

  • Math: 30 minutes of IXL each day

  • Continue to practice Spelling words as assigned from the weekly assignment sheet