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Happy New Year!!

I am so grateful to start 2016 with this group of kiddos. We having been talking about our target learning and how we will achieve our goals. Each students has been thinking about what will improve them the most as they head toward 4th grade. WOW!!

Welcoming our student teacher!!

On Monday we will welcome student teacher Mrs. Bontrager. She is a student at Anderson University. She will be with us until the beginning of May. Her role in the classroom will change as she gains time and experience in our classroom. Some of her roles will be observing, lesson planning, co-teaching, teaching, and designing units.

Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

We are starting our new unit of exploring nonfiction. Students will be reading passages, excerpts, and short books to discover and learn how to identify main idea and supporting details, determine importance, synthesize from multiple sources, take notes, and talk deeply about a topic. This is a lot of information that we will cover in the next several weeks. We will start slowly, but it won't take long for the kids to pick up confidence and discover ways to be successful readers of nonfiction.

We have already covered nonfiction features and asking questions, but the way nonfiction text is structured is a new discovery. The kids have learned that text can be written in many structures - description, compare/contrast, and sequence. We will learn the others as we get deeper into the unit. We will continue to analyze different texts for the type of structure. This will help students understand a text and why an author wrote it. For instance, if it is wrote in sequential form then the author is explaining how something is done in order.

This unit will tie directly in with our writing unit. Students will be working on research and writing on a nonfictional topic.

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Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

Last week writers chose their topic to research and began writing questions about what they wanted to learn and teach on the topic. This week students will break their topic into subtopics and list what will go under every subtopic. Students will also also start researching. If possible, they will check a book out on their topic. We will also do some lessons on online researching and looking for useful and appropriate websites.

Ask your student what their topic for research is. The topic should be easily researched. I have talked with a few students because of concern that they won't be able to find much information. If you can assist me in assuring that their topic is doable, that would be great.

This research will be done at school, but if you find any information online that can be printed to help your child, please feel free to print it. Students can bring in their sources to help them write their chapters as we get to that point.

Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

Students have started unit 5: place value. We will be working on values up to the millions as well as the decimals. Students will be ordering, comparing, writing, and determining the value of numbers. This week we start looking at numbers in the millions, how to write and order them, review estimating with larger numbers, and then dive into decimals.

Large numbers are usually something students really enjoy. Decimals on the other hand can throw them. We will be talking about how decimals are 'part of a whole'. We will also start relating it to fractions, just so this isn't an unfamiliar thought.

You may see some home link math assignments come home as extra practice during some of these tougher to grasp concepts. Just so you know, those assignments are always due the next school day.

Specials Next Week:

Library -Monday - Please remind student to bring books from home!

M - Art

T - Music

W - PE

Th - Tech

Fri - Art


Brrr!! Indiana winter weather finally showed itself. Parents, please note that kids need to bring a jacket to school for outdoor recess. Please remind them to wear their coats, hats, and gloves. Thank you.

Have an amazing week!!

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

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