Over Fishing

its for science class

Issues with over fishing

-When people over fish there are not enough fish to repopulate

-In 1989 about 90 million tons were taken from the sea and the fish population dropped dangerously

Why this is a Problem

With the Earth being about 75 percent water fish are a major source of food. With fish gone every other animal that eats fish will die of and will over all kill us.

What wild life is most affected by over fishing?

-Mostly fish and marine life.

How is wildlife affected by over fishing?

- low amount of fish

Does over fishing affect our lives in League City?

-In League City, overfishing does not affect our lives. The reason why is because our community eats mostly farm raised meat products.

Are people affected by over fishing?

- In League City, the perople are not affected by this action. The reason why is because most citizens eat mostle farm raised products.

Who causes the issue of over fishing to occur?

-Man and animal over fish depending on where you are.

What are the solutions that people have come up with for over fishing?

- One of the solutions would be farm raising. Farm raising is safer because you can calculate the amount of fish you could kill so you dont wipe out the population.

Can you come up with any ideas for a new solution to this problem?

-dont't over fish