White Converse

Yulissa Hernandez

Whenever I have nothing that matches my clothes, I tell my mom. This time I needed some shoes. I wanted some high top white converse but also some black ones. My mom wanted some too, so she got some white ones. I decided to go with the white ones cause they matched any color.

I tried lots of sizes to see which size fit me. I also tried different shoes just to see If I changed my mind. I finally found the right ones. At first It felt really weird because It had been a long time since I've worn high top converse. They fit really good an were very comftorable to wear.

They were perfect for me and It fit my style. White matched with any color so I could wear anything with them. I was so exited to put them on the next day. some of my friends also had some also. They were cool cause It was like you could splash any color you wanted on them.

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