My Fable

Avery Kotel

The Cows and the Pig

Once upon a time there was a small farm, Holiday Hill Farm, where all of the animals were happy, except for one who used to be the happiest one on the farm, a pig named Willow. He was upset because a few days earlier a group of cows came over to him and started to judge him. They called him fat, dirty, stinky, gross; Willow was sad. He didn’t understand why they didn’t like him. He wanted to ask because no one else talked to him like that, he thought everybody liked him. So he went and asked,

“Why don’t you like me?” asked Willow.

“Because you’re dirty.” said Carrie the cow.

But then Doug the dog came over and said, “ You should get to know Willow, he’s really funny!” That’s what they did. Then they all became best friends


It's what's on the inside that counts