WAR OF 1812

BY:Shyheim Summers

What was the war of 1812 and What was some causes?

The United States declared war on June 1812 against Britain. The war was to decide how much power the United States would have in foreign countries. Another cause is that they had a disagreements over shipping and trade on the high seas. They fought in both America and Canada. But through all that America came out with the victory. A main role player in this war was Thomas Jefferson that wanted the best for the U.S by keeping Americas business out of foreign countries, but at some time Jefferson knew it was going to lose its balance. The next cause was Britain and France thought American ships were helping others with foods and weapons, which made the British and French send ships to go stop Americans ships on the high sea and checked there cargo holds.

The effects of 1812

What was some effects of war 1812 and what battles were there?

Some of these effects was another war or act breaking out like the embargo act, which had to do with Thomas making it were ships couldn't go to foreign countries so that the British and French would not get any goods from them which hurt American cause the British and French got good with each other and didn't need American goods. So the American's cargos started to rot. then after Jefferson left office Madison came and got Jefferson to sign, so the embargo act no longer was a law. As Madison was in office, the US was getting poor and people wanted war. So then the war of hawks (which were people) and the impressment started. That was the American's wanting to fight Britain and France both. The leaders of it where Henry Clay and John Calhoun. Then Madison asked congress of declaration of war in June 1812. But it all started when the Americans blamed Britain for staring things between them and the Natives.