VPW Weekly Newsletter

August 22, 2022

A Message from Principal VanLeer

Newsletter 8.22.2022

A Message from Mrs. Pisanelli

We hope you and your scholar(s) had a wonderful and restful summer break! We thank you for your continued trust and support you have given our Willard team over the years. It's gonna be a WONDERFUL school year!

Quick Update:
During the week of August 29th, your scholar(s) will take the I-Ready assessment for both reading and math. This assessment allows our team to better understand the needs of each scholar in their homeroom.

VPW features a specific block of time (each day), where teachers pull intentional small groups to provide enrichment or intervention support. Think of this meeting as a personalized coaching plan used to ensure scholars are supported in the areas they need most.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Mrs. Pisanelli

A Message from Mr. DeWine & Ms. Levine

We are excited that we will again be using Kickboard in our school this year to help build an environment of positivity, accountability, and responsible decision-making. Kickboard is a digital tool used by teachers and administrators to reinforce positive behavior choices in real time and to promote school-wide consistency in expectations. Students can earn or lose points for their behavior choices throughout the school day.

If you did not get a home access code for accessing Kickboard during Open House, we will be sending them home this week. If you need a new access code, please email Dean of Culture, Mark DeWine, at mdewine@breakthroughschools.org. Home access codes allow you to create your very own Family Portal account, which will provide you with real time updates on your students’ behavior records. You will be able to log on to the Family Portal on your computer or mobile device. Students will also be able to create Family Portal accounts for themselves.

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can also learn more about Kickboard by visiting www.kickboardforschools.com.

Thank you!

Yellow Bus Transportation

The following required: Be in Kindergarten through 6th grade for the 22-23 School Year - (7th and 8th-grade siblings will be routed subject to availability Reside in the city of Cleveland and live 1-5 miles from the school

Need a School Uniform?

Our school uniforms consists of black bottoms, and a Schoolbelles issued blue polo shirt. You can go online be using THIS link to order, when ordering please use school code 2698. If you are ordering online you must create an account, if you do not you will not see the proper cost and the price will be double the actual cost. You may also pick up uniforms in store, at the following locations

Schoolbelles - West
4747 West 160th St.
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone: 216-898-5500

Schoolbelles - East
468 Richmond Rd. Suite E
Richmond Heights, OH 44143

Phone: 216-291-0568

After School Music Program

The registration of Rainey Institute’s music afterschool program at VPW is now open! The music program offers 4 days of afterschool care at VPW from Monday-Thursday, 3-6 pm for 2nd -4th grade scholars. Spots are limited, first come first served!

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