C-Quest Educational Mission Trips

Blending missions with cross-cultural learning adventures

"And I will send still others to islands far away. The people who live there have not heard about my fame. Those I send will tell the nations about my glory."

Isaiah 66:19



By introducing children to the mission field at an early age, we educate them to be in the world, not of the world. Many parents and educators recognize the pace at which world culture is changing, and they value cross-cultural exposure and learning experiences that challenge young minds to grow deeper, acquire knowledge, and explore the world wisely.

C-Quest provides opportunities for educators to get their students involved in missions by really living it. Every C-Quest trip puts children and youth at the center of the action, providing experiences that help them appreciate how they can contribute to missions – no matter what their age. No skills required. We are simply looking for people willing to serve.

Share the story of Jesus through the arts – drama, puppetry, chalk art, crafts, and music. Serve pancakes to the homeless; spend time with abandoned seniors; and play games with orphaned children. Plant papayas and harvest tomatoes to help build a local Bible camp. Bring hope and healing by showing compassion through words, action, and most of all, by demonstrating the love of Jesus.


We believe that the best disciples learn to love God’s people by experiencing their culture. We take students through a cultural orientation at an ancient Mayan ruins – explaining local history, customs, and beliefs of the Mexican and indigenous people. Learn about the food, history, and heritage of an entirely different people group by walking in their footsteps in ancient and modern pueblos. Enjoy fascinating scenery and cultural sites – practicing Spanish, and perhaps Mayan, in the mercados of Mérida.


Modeling Christ-like behavior and guiding young followers of Christ is becoming even more important in today's world, where young people face secular and religious worldviews opposed to the truth of Scripture. C-Quest Educational Mission Trips provide additional depth and time for devotional, Bible study, prayer, journaling and one-on-one mentoring with staff and local mission partners. Learn first-hand from experienced missionaries, Mayan pastors, and other brothers and sisters in Christ dedicated to serving the Lord cross-culturally. Work hand-in-hand with your child as you watch God develop their spirit and grow their commitment to glorify Him.


C-Quest Educational Mission Trips offer family and school groups with customized life-long learning experiences, allowing children to learn science, geography, culture, language, and history through a Christian worldview, while serving and learning cross-culturally. We work with parents and educators to provide a blend of discipleship, evangelism, and academic learning experiences to help stretch and develop young believers. The C-Quest classroom is largely field-based. We visit an array of culturally and geographically diverse destinations such as: bio reserves to study flamingos and other wildlife; geological sites to experience swimming in a limestone cenote; and archaeological sites like Dzibilchaltun, Chichen Itza and Uxmal to experience the Mayan culture. Other field trips are possible to further augment learning in math, astronomy, natural sciences, history, geography, world politics, government, religion, and economy.


The planning for all C-Quest trips starts with envisioning and goal-setting long before establishing specific itineraries and travel plans. Our staff includes a mix of educators, scientists, engineers, and Christian youth leaders who work with you to customize a unique experience designed to meet your needs, as well as those in the local mission field. All projects and ministry opportunities are designed to maintain the growth and sustainability of the local indigenous church, while balancing specific talents and desires of the visiting team.

Trips can be customized from one week, up to one month. Budget, timing, learning objectives, balance, age and number of participants, as well as many other factors are taken into consideration. Pricing depends on length, scope, number of participants, field trips, and excursions. We will work with you to develop an itinerary that meets your budget.

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C-Quest ministry base is located in the small village of Progreso, off the Gulf Coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in one of the safest states in Mexico – approximately four hours west of Cancun and 20 minutes north of the state capital, Mérida.

When not at ministry sites or projects, most of the daily life at the base is spent relaxing outside, with meals being served buffet-style and enjoyed on the covered deck overlooking the beach. The base offers nine “basic-yet-comfortable” beach-side rooms and includes eight bathrooms to accommodate double, triple, or quadruple occupancy for team members in a variety of room configurations.

Although not air-conditioned, all rooms have ceiling fans and/or floor fans which keep the residents cool even during the hottest times of the year. There are hammocks, lounge chairs, and quiet sitting areas situated throughout the property for team members to enjoy.​

Join us and be a part of God’s work in the Yucatán Peninsula. Help us bring hope, healing, and truth to the people of the Yucatan.