Ms. Freger's 1st Grade

December 2016 - Chanukah

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Global Day of Learning - Loving the Trees

We are preparing for Chanukah

This week we are going to begin learning about Chanukah. Did you know that the Maccabean Revolt was the first war fought for religious freedom? Cool. The real miracle is that such a small group of Jewish people were able to defeat the huge militarily trained, organized, and equipped Seleucid Empire using intelligence and guerrilla tactics. This was an absolute real historical event.

I am so proud of our madrichim, Jacklyn and Emma in the AM and Limor and Sophie in the PM, the designed the activities for the next two weeks.

Please help your children understand that Chanukah is a winter holiday of celebration, but it is not Christmas. Christmas is a very important holiday to people who are Christian. Chanukah is great and fun, but is not one of our most important holidays. Remind your children that Jewish people have many holidays, including Shabbat every week; Chanukah is just one 8 day celebration of a miracle that happened when we won the first war for religious freedom.

Please see below for great Chanukah links, information on prayers and how to play dreidel.


Also the last half hour will be a Chanukah Celebration in the Temple

Please feel free to join us!


This Week: Please talk about your holiday plans and how you can share your Chanukah joy, talk about calling older relatives, sending cards, giving to charity, and playing with relatives who need a bit more encouragement.

Next Week: Share the ways that your family celebrated the winter holidays. If your faith is different or was different you should talk about those differences.

Learning Never Ends

Adults Only: So, there were some women that are associated with Chanukah. You might want to read about the Book of Judith and the story of Hannah.

Please feel free to share concerns and happy thoughts. To contact me...