Roaring News

Westport Middle School, Springfield Missouri 12/6/2018.3

Band and Orchestra Winter Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 6pm

Westport K-8

Please join us in celebrating our students' music skills and Winter!

December Dance

Friday, Dec. 14th, 3-5pm

Westport Commons and Gym

We will be dancing in the Commons and playing basketball in the Gym. The concession stand will be open, bring your money for munchies!

Central High School Freshman Showcase

Tuesday, Jan. 8th 2019 at 6pm


Get ready for high school!

See where the bulldogs play!

Check out the clubs!

Check out the sports!

Meet the teachers, staff, and coaches!

All the best people will be there -- don't be left out!

Invite your friends!

Basketball - After School Fun

Though Basketball can be wild on it's own, the Westport Wildcats can be kind of ferocious one their own too. You can see their school spirit every Thursday! Around 5:30, you can see the Wildcats show their dedication to Westport and play on. If you're going, make sure to show your Westport spirit and roar with pride as our team scores points and smash the competition! And make sure to bring that Wildcat spirit and cheer on our fellow Cats! You can see the Basketball schedule at the Roaring News Newsletter!-SV, 7th

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Author Section

The Story of Linda and Karen

This story is fictional, and in no way happened. But could.

Please enjoy the story from the deep recesses of my mind.

(We open at Thanksgiving. 5 adults and 2 children are sitting in a living room after dinner. The 2 men are watching football, the 4 yr old boy is playing with cars while the little baby sits on the floor, it’s mother watching carefully as she picks up the table, refusing to let anyone help. 2 older women in their late 50s are sitting on the couch, having a light conversation about gardening.)

Karen: Well, that was such a lovely meal, Linda. Thank you and Charlie for hosting this year.

Linda: Oh, the pleasure is mine, Karen. I just love having the family over.

(Karen turns to look at the kitchen, where she sees a familiar piece of equipment.)

Karen: Why Linda, is that my crock-pot? Where ever did you find it?

Linda: No, no, that is my crock-pot. I bought it just for this occasion.

Karen: Is that so? Then why does it look exactly like my crock-pot?

Linda: Well, it happens to be a popular design. And it is quite efficient.

Karen: When did you get it, Linda?

Linda: I got it about a week ago, Karen.

Karen: That’s around the time mine went missing, Linda.

Linda: What are you accusing me of, Karen?

Karen: You know exactly what you did! First my ex-husband and now you, you deceitful, backstabbing, liar!

Linda: How dare you compare me to your ex.

(Michael and Cindy exchange a worried look.)

Karen: I’m sorry, but I can’t believe you would do this to me!

Linda: I didn’t do anything!

Karen: Give up the act! I know that’s my crock-pot! And I know you stole it! You’ve had your eye on it, always complimenting my cooking when I use it, eyeing it from afar!

Linda: That’s why I got one of the same model!

Karen: Is that why your son proposed to my daughter! So that you could steal my crock-pot!

(Cindy and Michael glance at one another again. Michael gives an almost imperceptible shake of the head, signaling to Karen that the accusation is false. Cindy smiles and lets out a breath of relief that she didn’t know she was holding in.)

Linda: NO! Of course not! Did your daughter only say yes to my son so that you would have someone to blame for your forgetfulness?

Cindy: Enough already! Your bickering has gotten out of control. Let us not forget that today is the day of gratefulness.

Michael: Yes, let us join together! We will go around the circle and say what we are most thankful for! I’ll start. I’m thankful that our family could gather on this holiday.

Cindy: I’m grateful for my amazing husband. I’m also grateful for wonderful children and their grandparents.

Charlie: I’m thankful for the great food and the game.

Timothy: I’m thankful for Paw Patrol!

Karen: Well, I guess I’m grateful that my family is here to stop me from going overboard with my silly ideas. The crock-pot is probably in some cabinet I can’t reach.

Linda: And I’m grateful that Karen didn’t find out until today that I did steal her crock-pot.

(Linda rises, and walks briskly out of the room, leaving everyone shocked.)

Karen: I knew it!

The End

-PT 8th grade