5th Grade GT

Forensic Science Presentation

Dear Parents and Teachers

I will be out for the next two weeks having surgery. During this time, the students are doing independent projects on Google Classroom. I will be monitoring them from home and giving them feedback on their presentations. They will working on these projects during their regular scheduled GT time in the classroom. The poster will have to be done at home. I have provided the posterboard. If you have any questions, please feel free to text or email me.

Presentation Instructions

Create a slideshow about the forensic science job you are assigned.
Your presentation should include the following:

Title slide
Definition of what your job is and why it's important
How evidence is collected and used for your job
Several experiments used in your job
2 Real life examples of cases that used this science on evidence
1 video connected to your job
Final slide should have a list of websites you used

You should have at least 12 - 15 slides. Make it interesting. Remember your audience. The jobs are as follows:

Accident Reconstruction - Harold
Arson Investigation - Ryder
Toxicology - Helen
Ballistics - Sawyer
Anthropology - Dane
Entomology - Lia
Impressions - Sebastian
Chromatography - Kenzie
Biological (Hair, Fiber, Blood) - Maci

Create a poster (1/2 size) telling the procedure used in an experiment used in your job.


If you have a question, please contact Mrs. Flenor.

Cathy Flenor

GT/AP/Testing Coordinator LPSD


cell: 501-626-5891 (please text)