Leviathan 1967

The newest Santa sleigh!

The Leviathan is the shape-shifting car, perfect for flying around the world on a cold winter night.

The Leviathan can shift to any look, from inanimate objects, to actual human beings. It can suit your needs, just punch in the order on the hologram screen, and the projection will show the measurements, and how it will affect your luggage.

Scared the Leviathan will crash and die? Not a chance! The Leviathan will regenerate in under 10 minutes, guaranteed, no matter the damage done.

Are you pulling around a large bag, full of goodies and presents? The Leviathan's super-strength will give you the ability to lug all the presents.

The super-speed will promise a trip around the world, to all the houses before the sun rises.

Comfortable Even While Flying!

  • The glove compartment is extremely expedient, as it can hold the Rudolph themed keys, the gloves, and maybe a box of cookies.
  • The magical cup holders is perfect for holding a glass of milk, and it can warm up your beverage or keep it cool.
  • The downy seats will let you feel as if you are sinking into a cloud of warmth, the faux leather cover always circulating the heat.

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