Beary Good Bears

Mrs. Jenkins' Class

What We Are Learning

Math: Foundations of numbers; comparing numbers; number line

Phonics: r controlled vowels (er, ir, ur)

Spelling: her, butter, germ, tiger, shirt, bird, dirt, purse, hurt, turn

Sight Words: find, long, down, day, did

Reading: Nonfiction/Expository text; Penguins

Science: Natural Resources

Social Studies: Wylie Way; careers

Dates To Remember

Friday, Feb. 12th-Valentine Day Party 1:45-2:30

Monday, Feb. 15th-No School

Thursday, Feb. 18th-First Grade Program

Take a look at our math activity below: "Find Someone Who Has"--The students had to find someone who had a number with a digit in a specific place value.