Wounded Warrior Project

By: Carmen DeLaLuz

What is it?

  • Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, service and events for wounded veterans of the military actions. It operates as a nonprofit organization
  • We are doing this project to help out the veterans that fought to protect us and to raise awareness to others

How are we going to help?

JROTC is going to be supporting the Wonder Warrior Project and we need the help of our fellow students to be part of it.
  • They gave everything for us, now it's time to give them something back

To support a wounded warrior we require funds, so we are going to be rasing money to support the Wounded Warrior Project

  • We are going to do things the week before we get out for Christmas like:
  • Tug of war within the Seniors and Juniors and Sophomors and freshmans
  • Selling hot chocolate
  • Selling doughnuts
Everyone can be a part of the project by participating in the activities that we plan to held

Where the money goes?

  • The money that we collect is going to be sent to the Wounded Warrior Project, so that it can help a warrior that is recuperating from a surgery or to cover for their especial needs
  • Its also going to help their families, to cover for things that warrior might need for their needs and financial support
  • It only takes $19 dollars a month to help a warrior continue with their lives as much as possible as it was before they got wounded
  • Its time to give a little back to those who gave alot for us