Polkadot Class Happenings

The Week of March 18-22


In reading this week we are learning about Author's Purpose. We will be reading a variety of books and watching short videos to determine whether the author's purpose was to persuade, inform, or entertain us. We will also be learning about media literacy to understand how media communicates with us and for what purposes. You can help your child with this skill at home by asking what the author's purpose was and how your child knows after they are done reading a text, or if you are out and about, you may point out magazines, newspapers, billboards, or signs and ask your child what their purpose is.


In writing we will be learning about persuasive writing. This week we will be doing a whole class persuasive piece to prepare students to write their own piece next week. During independent writing time, students will finish taking their personal narratives through the writing process.


This week we will be starting our Geometry Unit. We will be learning about 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. Students will learn vocabulary specific to the types of shape we are studying. We will incorporate geometry into problem solving to give students extra practice. You can help your child practice at home by asking your child to point out geometric shapes they see in everyday life and naming them.

Social Studies/Science

In science this week we are learning about the parts of the water cycle. We will be conducting experiments in the classroom and recording our findings in our science journals.