Now Hiring Actuaries for Our Insurance Company!

Why are we the best?

Our insurance company, KRUPP Insurance, is apart of Erie Insurance Group. We are located in Miami, Florida. We were voted #2 in the state of Florida and #1 in Miami-Dade County. We have great communication with our customers and our employees. We are in a busy but rewarding area for our hard work.

Job Description:

We are looking for someone to calculate the risks in different scenarios to determine our premium for our customers. We need someone to analyze risks for future events. We do have the software for you to reduce risk of mistakes. You will be responsible for reporting all calculations.


-A bachelors degree with a strong background in probability, mathematics, statistics and finance.

-The Society of Actuaries (SOC) and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) provide licensure and certification.

Pay Scale And Why Us?

  • Bottom 10%: $49,150; Median annual salary: $84,810; Top 10%: $160,780
  • work for us with starting at $84,000!
  • Health Benefits and paid two week vacations!