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Urbansteez is open to all talents. A huge part of what we do at urbansteez.com is showcase up and coming talents flying under the radar.

Independent music videos

Urbansteez is a California based website that represents urban culture . Urban culture today is the trendsetting culture for music, fashion, art and entertainment period. Our focus is to expose all the creative and determined talents flying under the radar from music artist, fashion designers, writers and more. Moreover, our focus is not to focus on the common stars of today, we rather focus on the stars of the future. We have interviewed some of the top talents today before they went viral and we will continue to do so. We are open to all talent.

Independent hip hop videos

Our mission is to connect the world to the many talents flying under the radar, from independent music artist in hip hop, r&b soul, and pop, to fashion designers, models, writers, and poets. So much focus is in the mainstream media which consist only of a selected few. We are aware that talents surface everyday and we just want give credit when its due.

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Coco Jones - Let 'Em Know